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CMS Development

Manage your website yourself like editing a word document

This is yet another area in which World Web Arts is greatly involved in. For those who may not know, CMS development stands for content management system development. A content management system operates at the ''back'' of the website and what it does is enabling a website owner to properly manage all that constitutes content that has been posted on their site. Content includes things such as texts, pictures, music, documents, videos, animations and etcetera. What you will achieve through a content management system is a greater flexibility of operation of your website. This will ensure it is more reliable to you and friendlier to the user.

Through content management systems, the web master can do almost anything with the content including adding, deleting and updating. You can also change the website templates if you so wish. So CMS essentially allows you to have full control of all aspects of your website and this enables you to manage the content in whichever way you please. The best way to work with CMS is to contact a company that deals in CMS development and we are one such company. We offer the very best of service as that deals with almost any content management system.

The best thing about a content management system is that it will leave you free to be able to develop better and more unique content for you website. To work with us on CMS development, all you need to do is to provide us with the details regarding the kind of content you wish to have on your website and how you expect those who visit your site to interact with it. Details on the levels of access that you wish to grant your users are also important. From this data we will be able to develop the very best system that will be able to meet all your needs. We can do this for all kinds of websites whether it is an already existing one that you would like to improve or whether it is one that you still need to be designed from scratch.

CMS development is especially important in fields that are related to ecommerce such as online marketing and websites that sell products online. To be able to get people to see what you are selling, you must have something on your site that attracts them. Sites that sell products need content management systems because the products that they sell tend to change constantly thus they will be need to constantly update the content so that the customers who come to shop don't read about something that went out of stock several weeks ago.

At world web arts we provide only the very best of the open source content management systems such as Joomla, Drupal and Word press. We also offer a variety of ecommerce applications such as OS-COMMERCE, Magento and even X-Cart. To give you a better idea of how well these products can serve you, below we go into a little detail about what these applications are all about.


Wordpress is described as an open source content management system and it is powered by MySQL and PHP. It is a product that has achieved widespread popularity among bloggers as a blog publishing application. The cause for its popularity which has also made it the most widely used content management system (CMS) to day is the fact that it has very many useful features including a plug-in architecture plus it also has a template system. Out of the first million largest websites that are on the web, around thirteen percent make use of wordpress.

So by providing you with a wordpress content management system, World Web Arts will essentially be putting you in the company of some of the biggest names in the business. When you use word press then you are in a position to you use the very same tools that the best of the best have used to attain their success online whether it was in establishing a strong web presence or in building a content based business on the web. So that you may understand exactly what you stand to gain, here is a list of the different features that have been packed into this application:

Our team can provide you with a customized content management system that will meet all your website's needs be they for the purpose of interaction or for security purposes.


Despite all that you could accomplish with word press, no single content management system has a monopoly of knowledge. Despite all its many attributes, some internet users or website owners may still find it lacking or unsuitable for their purposes and this is why World Web Arts provide a variety of these content management systems. Joomla is one of the other content management systems and another that is also increasingly popular with internet users including bloggers and website owners. However, as a CMS, Joomla's areas of application are much wider than that of others since it can be used on the World Wide Web and also to publish content on Intranets.

Joomla is written in PHP language. It may be important for you to know this if you plan to be making your own customized joomla plug-ins. It employs the same techniques used in object oriented programming and it also makes use of software design patterns. The data used in a Joomla CMS is stored in a MySQL database just like in wordpress. If you are thinking of getting a Joomla CMS then it may also be helpful for you to know of the other features that come with this content management system. These features include but are not limited to:

World web arts also provides Joomla content management systems because their manner of operation is in-sync with our policy of being able to customize our products for our customers in a manner that will best suit them individually. Joomla provides support for plug-ins just like wordpress which enables individual users to expand the feature base of their content management systems far beyond that which has been provided by joomla. At world web arts, once a client tells us of what they expect of their content management systems, we can easily go about the job of adding the additional features in such a way that they will suit their needs. We can do this either by including some of the ready made features which are already available or by designing some of our own.

At this moment, the number of free and commercial plug-ins that you can get from the Joomla Extension directory is over 6000. There are also more that are available from other sources. Getting us to do this job for you will free you of the burden of having to learn complex coding and leave your with nothing to do but explore your websites many capabilities. This is also safer because the coding of certain features such as security coding is a high priority job; one that you cannot afford to have any mistakes made.


Drupal is yet another of the open source content management systems that has been written in PHP. Slightly over one percent of the world's websites use it as a back-end system but what has set this content management system is the type of clients that have taken to it. These has ranged from simple personal to corporate, political and even to websites belonging to governments; the most notable of these being the websites whitehouse.gov belonging to the United States government and data.gov.uk belonging to the government of the United Kingdom. Among its other uses is business collaborations and knowledge management.

World web arts through products such as its customized drupal content management systems puts you in step with some of the most important websites on the web in terms of security and features. The standard release of the content management system is rather basic containing only the features that are common to all content management systems such as account registration for users, RSS feeds, menu management, customization of page layouts and system administration. This release that is usually called the drupal core can be used for various purposes for example a brochuware website, single user blogs, multi-user blogs, a public website where the content is provided by the users and even as an internet forum.

This initial release of drupal is however rather basic and it takes a knowledgeable hand to properly customize this initial release from what it is to what you as the client would want on your website. We do this by knowing what it is you want on your website and from your website. We can then go about the business of picking the features that are best for you. To expand the features and capabilities of drupal, there are 7000 add-ons that a web master would have to choose from. We at world web arts know exactly what features would be best for you and should we fail to find one that would be suitable for your website we can even modify or make new add-ons for you from scratch. We do all this in an effort to ensure our clients are never anything less than satisfied.

These new features will customize to have the exact appearance that you would like apart from having all the features that you would want on your website. Judging from those who have chosen to use Drupal such as governments then it is easy to note that this particular content management system uses a highly sophisticated interface for programming. Luckily for you this is only for developers thus you as the website owner when choosing to work with us won't have to bother learning any programming skills. Once we have done the heavier bit of the job, all you will have to do is sit back and perform your administrative duties.

When dealing with things such as content management systems, it is important that you always work with a professional at all times to ensure that the job done is professional. Should a mistake be made at any level, your website could end up not running or be left vulnerable to security threats.


Big business has quickly moved from the main streets of our cities and towns and straight to the street within our data cables, fiber-optic cables and satellite up-links. Ecommerce is how business is being carried out these days and almost everyone with a website is quickly catching up to this idea. Some who don't even have websites have set them specifically to take advantage of the money making opportunities that the internet has provided. World Web Arts has been with this process every step of the way and our seasoned professionals can now help you to get in the game.

The rise in ecommerce also brought with it a need for a variety of ecommerce web applications. These applications were meant to be applied in various aspects of the online trading systems. Some were to be used to manage the online stores while others were simply meant to serve as the shopping cart that you will find in any website that sells thing such as Amazon.com. At world web arts we can transform your website into a modern day online store at a cost that is almost negligible. We use only the highest quality of industry standard tools to build commercial websites that will have your business running in no time.

Some of the ecommerce tools that we can bring to you include magneto, x-cart and Os-Commerce. These three applications are discussed in more detail below.


Magneto is currently the choice ecommerce application for a majority of the online businesses. It is an open source application that was built on the Zend Framework. Although the application was first launched recently in 2008, the application has achieved widespread popularity all over the web and it has been adopted by over 60000 merchants to date. Over 25 Billion dollars has been transacted over the magneto systems. This is the kind of thing that World Web Arts promises to its clients when they choose to make use of us to utilize tools such as these.

Magneto's widespread popularity is not by accident. This application has provided most online businesses with a control over their business systems that was previously unknown. To fully understand this, here is a list of all the features that come with Magneto. To help improve sales, magneto systems have features such as:

Magneto also helps with the general store management to ensure that you will always have everything that you need to effectively manage your store at your finger tips. These include but are not limited to:

World Web Arts doesn't just stop with magneto. We also have other applications that we can integrate onto your site to make sure that your customers will always get a fulfilling shopping experience.


Every online business needs an appropriate shopping cart where the customers can place one good as they browse around for more stuff. This is what X-cart will bring to your online business. X-cart is basically a shopping cart application that will make for more efficient shopping for your customers and will also allow for a fast and easy checkout including the handling of payments made and received. X-cart is already in use by thousands of businesses world wide and World web arts can help you become one of them.

X-Cart has no limits to the number of products that it can handle and only server capabilities may deter this but working with world web arts enables you to optimize your shopping cart to be able to handle as many as 500000 products. X-cart is compatible with many other commercial applications and can accept payments from any of the major online payment methods including paypal, moneybookers, DHL, Fedex, Beanstream, Amazon shop, United states postal service and the list just goes on and on. Working with us will ensure that you are able to not only deal with the massive scope of business that this opportunity brings but to also take advantage of it to maximize your profits.


This is also another ecommerce application that World Web Arts provides. This application is also a store management software program that will bring about the ease in having your very own online store to ensure that you will take as little time as possible worrying about what goes where.

Remember that online business deal with real money thus security cannot be ignored. This kind of feature should not be done by guess work but should be done by a professional to ensure that your investment will always be safe.

Advantages of a CMS solution from World Web Arts

A custom Content Management system solution from World Web Arts brings to you the following benefits

How we start your CMS development work?

The first step is to collect and gather your thoughts, ideas, and website materials.  This includes your business plan, graphics or logos associate with the business, content and materials for the site, access credentials to the current website or hosting service (if applicable), and 2-3 other websites which you think appealing in look, feel, concept and/or design.

We will make new custom home page designs as plan and you have to choose among them and yes if you want to edit something in those designs then you can do revisions unlimited with proper way.

After approval of home page by you we will show you an inner page and after approval of inner page we will convert the home page and all the inner pages into html pages doing xhtml/css coding in professional way.

Then our programmer will start the coding to make the website dynamic.

Then we will show you whole website in our demo server and after your approval we will upload in your server to live the website.