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Domain Registration

Register a Online Name to access you world wide

Starting a website is more than just about designing a website, having the best web content available and the other things. Your website must also have an identity on the internet. This will be the means by which users will be able to find your website through their URLs. These are usually called the domain names and also host names. In more technical terms, a domain name is an identification label that identifies an IP resource such as a website. Domain names commonly take the format, 'www.example.com' or 'www.example.net'.

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Most people who are new to the creation of websites usually think that picking a domain name is simply about picking the name or the words that they feel are right for their websites unfortunately the selection of a domain name is usually not so simple. Domain names have to be formed in a manner that is compliant with the rules that have been put down in the Domain Name System (DNS). Picking a domain name is not a light matter thus you have to do it once and you have to do it right. Doing it right means that you have to pick a domain name that hasn't already been taken by another website.

Though it is not a condition, it is also advisable that you pick domain names that are relevant to the content and purposes of your website. This will make it easy particularly for users to access your system for the right reasons. At World Web Art, we can help you pick the domain name that will best serve your website. Even search engines make use of such things as domain names to help in the cataloging of websites in their databases. This means that picking the right domain name will make sure your site doesn't turn up on the wrong searches or miss out on the right ones.

After you have picked a domain name, you have to register it so that it becomes part of the network of sites that are on the net. At World Web Arts we offer registration of domains at all levels. There are three basic levels of domain registration. These are:

The process of domain name registration is usually done at a fee but World Web Arts as always, we do our best to ensure that the costs of our services are accorded to the clients at ultra low costs. Domain registration is a vital and unavoidable part of joining the World Wide Web luckily the costs involved are quite low (never more than a few dollars) and it is also a onetime process. Unlike most of the other services that we provide, domain registration is a fairly quick process and you could be on your way with your very own domain name in just a few minutes.