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Web Hosting WWA

Create a online space to access your website world wide

This is also another service we provide at World Web Arts. Web hosting is a service that will allow you to make your website accessible on the World Wide Web. This makes us what is known as web hosts. We provide space on our servers to our clients who may wish to put up a website on the web. Apart from that we also provide internet connectivity to our clients and we also do small scale file hosting on our systems. When we provide our web hosting services, we impose no restrictions on what our client can put up through our servers. This means that you are free to choose your website and the content as you wish with the assurance that it will be put up on the web just as you created it.

Our Web Hosting Packages

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We also provide an additional control panel to our clients to enable them to do more with our web hosting services for example installing email, scripts and etcetera. World Web Arts as your web servers also has excellent uptime so you can be sure that your site will always be up on the web. Should there be any activity such as maintenance that will cause the server to be offline for any length of time then our clients will always be advised on this before hand to prevent any inconveniences. We do this by planning and scheduling all our maintenance tasks from start to finish. We do this even before we start on the actual maintenance.

We also have lots of server space on our systems and this means that we can hosts websites of almost any size. So regardless of the amount of data or content that you will be putting up on your website, you can always be assured that the system will cope with it. This also means that there is no restriction to the type of website that you can put up even if you decide that you want to put up a flash website. These are usually much larger than the conventional ones because of the animations, flash movies and high quality graphics.

World Web Arts also provides different web hosting packages because we appreciate the fact that different users will have different web hosting needs. What we can assure you is that regardless of what you needs might be, world web arts will always have a package that will be just right for you. Some of the services that we provide include: File hosting, Image and video hosting, blog hosting and email hosting. We also have various other plans that we can arrange for our clients who may have much more specific or special needs.

To further assist you, we can help you in the configuration of your system to ensure that it can work with our system. Usually we try not to burden our clients too much with the technical aspects of the job. This is one of the reasons why our hosting services also include a web hosting management system.